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We help organisations to be more like people…

Courtesy of David Gray at NAVCA…living, breathing organisations, which hold people and relationships at the core of everything they do. more like people organisations value their staff, listen to those they support and work to ensure all relevant voices are involved in the decisions that affect them, whether face-to-face, or online.

We bring this approach to the full range of work we do.

Why social organisations get more social change from social media

A public or bespoke workshop looking at how effective social media use can support a range of more effective outcomes across your organisation. Rather than viewing the technology simply as a set of communications tools, we see them as enabling the full potential of committed people within and beyond your organisation’s walls.

Social media and e-campaigns coaching

Not all of us learn well in groups. Especially when it comes to technology.

We offer individual coaching, with extensive background in social media for non-profit/voluntary organisations, as well as e-campaigning and using technology to mobilise people around social causes.

Re-centring our movements

A full-day personal and organisational exploration with Suzanne and Liam, on growing diverse and powerful social and environmental justice organisations, addressing the many subtle ways our organisational practices and personal habits may make it harder for some people and communities to get involved in our work.

Campaigning and advocacy

Through workshops, or ongoing advice and strategy development, we support clients to understand the most effective ways of mobilising supporters, influencing decision-makers and making change happen.

Our Rates

Our rates are not fixed and vary both in regards to the type and size of organisation (public/voluntary/turnover) and the number of our network members involved in delivery.

For smaller community groups, we often work for free, as profits generated by the groups’ larger clients are re-invested into providing support for smaller organisations. Pro-bono work will sometimes require additional flexibility, based on timings and individual availability.

If you would like more information about either our paid-for or pro-bono services, contact Liam at ‘liam [at] morelikepeople [dot] org’, or by phone at +44 (0) 77757 32383.

For some examples of work we have done, check out our blogs, our reviews, or our ideas page.

More Like People is an association of freelance consultants, facilitators and trainers, working primarily in the voluntary, community and campaigning sectors in the the UK and elsewhere.