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Crowd-sourcing a Twitter app?

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11 Replies

  1. Sounds great:)

    Is anyone else doing something similar?
    If so do comment here so we can collaborate.

    Is there a way to do this so it is platform independent (so it does not rely on facebook/twitter to work?).

    Ed @whymandesign

  2. following your tweets with interest Ed!

    Where can i buy kamagra in dublin seem to be leading in this kind of arena at the moment

    Also of interest may be Where to buy acure hair products

  3. Thanks for the tips Majeed!

    I’ve generally found MySociety’s niche is much more around the civic engagement side of things – helping people connect with power, though I suppose Buying nolvadex in canadais an example that cuts against that…

    Someone else pointed out Cialis online bestellen deutschland, which seem to do much of what is described, but without the social media interface…

    Feel free to pitch in on the Brand names for gabapentin (which is now universally accessible), if you’d like to contribute!

  4. Hello, like the sound of it.

    Funny how many discussions I was in over citycamp seemed to end with a desire for a platform that made it easier to get involved with stuff/access and contribute skills/knowledge/etc.
    It might have been a nice project to get some advice on this morning…

    First thoughts:
    I’d second Ed on maybe thinking about the underlying structure and seeing whether it couldn’t be something that the twitter app was only one way of interacting with?

    Secondly, regarding mysociety, worth a quick look at the first description of project fosbury Buy 40 mg cialis online – very much again initially civic, but they mention breaking down tasks into very user-friendly chunks which might be relevant.


  5. Hi Liam,

    Sounds a really interesting idea. I’m Olly, Programme Manager at Do-it, so I spotted your tweet mentioning us and found your blog.

    I’d suggest, if you haven’t already, you chat to Jamie @ and Mike from HelpFromHome. Both have lots of ideas/experience in this area, and i-volunteer is already built to do something similar.

    Also suggest you look at the Extrordinaries: Cheap prednisolone acetate (a US site)

    The other thing you need to do is really chat with volunteer managers at charities, A lot of these projects fail because charities can’t engage with them, and whilst I’ve no doubt sometimes it is that the charity *can’t see the light*, often there are very real and practical reasons.

    For example, yes a charity would love you to re-factor their database but it’s of their donor list and if can’t release that list to you because of data protection requirements.

    Too many charities I speak to, both through paid work and my volunteering, have horror stories of people promising things delivered and then not delivering them.

    To access those charities thinking your thoughts, try networks like NFPTweetUp (Where to buy metformina)

    Happy to chat further, and if you want to come in and chat with me and colleagues about your project we’d be happy to meet! We’re based just near Old Street tube.

    Best wishes,

    Cheapest zoloft prices

  6. Liam Barrington-Bush Cialis 5 mg film coated tablets

    Hi Mark –

    Wishing I could have been @ City Camp, but was not to be…

    I really like the sound of Project Fosbury on the MySociety page! I wonder if they would be interested in co-developing something, as the breaking-down of big tasks into a number of smaller ones was an issue Damien fr/ TimeBank (@b33god) raised and I think could be a struggle for many organisations…

    Thanks for the lead!

  7. It sounds very much as though you’re advocating a ‘Knowledge Base’, as used by the best companies and usually enabled via their intranet. That should be an encouragement and also a concern – the success of it rests on the culture within which it’s initiated.

  8. Liam Barrington-Bush Levitra rezeptfrei seriös

    Hi Olly –

    Thanks for the thoughts! As Ed and I started talking about this, one of the things I realised was that the thing I felt would would make this different from a range of micro-volunteering sites, is that it would be built around individuals asking individuals, (even if one or both happened to work for charities)… Which is partly why I’m so keen on, even though it’s not charity-specific.

    While I agree that many volunteer managers could likely blast holes through this semi-thought-through model, I also think individual staff and volunteers who are looking to get things done, but don’t have the specific skills required, could find ways around many of those holes, on an ad hoc basis, as needed, if the benefits were sufficient. (Data protection may be a sticky one, but in some cases, may be easy enough to clean identifying info from a database in advance…)

    There’s a psychological difference in being asked a favour by another person, as opposed to being asked by an institution, which is a big part of why Twitter enables countless tiny acts of good will every day… My hope is to harness some of that sentiment, into something which is slightly more coordinated, but still loose enough to keep individual ties strong…

    Thanks again for the thoughts!


  9. Liam Barrington-Bush Oct 11th 2010

    Hi David –

    I suppose it’s like a knowledge base that will hopefully come to involve much of the Twitter-using (and then maybe Facebook-using) world…

    I agree that the culture is key, which, in some ways, is why I feel distinguishing it from volunteering might actually be a positive… The culture I would hope to help foster – ideally with many of you – would be one of mutual reciprocity, so that people involved (whether organisationally, or otherwise) would rarely be exclusively ‘asker’ or ‘giver’, but both at some stage or another, as time and skills permit…

    Thanks for chipping in! I think the ‘Knowledge Base’ is a good way of approaching it!

  10. sounds good guys 🙂

    i suspect a fractional contribution might work
    i’d rather there is a kind of threshold where all the pieces are assembled
    before the task is actually done…
    like these sites what ask only for money like kickstarter
    and you only get charged/paid if you hit the required sum
    only once the team has assembled
    does the actual task get done
    (btw this is part of the confluence model)

    but i think we are aways yet from having the social cohesiveness to do this
    regardless of how much cognitive surplus we may have…
    crowd-sources fractionally might be the most practical next step 🙂

    :(can’t take part in the google doc
    since i got an ipad)

  11. Liam Barrington-Bush Escitalopram generic availability

    Hi David –

    As you know, I’m a big fan of the Confluence model, but almost see this as something a step down from it (but w/ the potential to grow into it???); basically, making one-off bits of work/tasks open to some of the right people to be able to do them, rather than necessarily chunking bigger jobs… though this may be a stepping stone towards that…

    In talks with an website called Cofacio right now who are doing similar stuff… will update soon!

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